Blog Prompt Week 10: No Hamfisted Title This Time

Amy’s Humanistic Confrontations

Amy’s a classic Scotswoman. Stubborn, convicted, trusting, opinionated. She sticks to her beliefs on life, morality, friendship, and so on. She’s even getting married, which is the ultimate acceptance of traditional values.

However, she’s faced with some extremely challenging decisions in season six of Doctor Who, particularly in the season 6 episode “The Rebel Flesh” / “The Almost People”, wherein a special liquid is capable of forming an exact replica of another molecular structure. The people-copies this substance forms are a source of much tension over the course of the episode, particularly the Flesh-copy of the Doctor, which Amy insists is “just not the same” as the “real” Doctor. She feels, perhaps rightly, that the new Doctor is an imitation of the one she knows, and the ganger’s memories of her are meaningless.

Amy feels this way because she believes the copies of the Doctor can be distinguished from one another, which is true in a certain sense. The Doctors do wear different shoes. Prior to his formation, the Flesh Doctor was nothing but a bunch of haphazard liquid. After copying the Doctor, though, the Ganger Doctor has become an exact replica of the original Doctor, down to the molecular level – meaning that, after a certain point in time, the two can no longer be differentiated. This point’s driven home quite hard when the Doctors reveal that they switched shoes earlier on, in order to experiment on Amy and observe the extent of the Gangers’ similarity to living beings.

Once this revelation is made, Amy is understandably shocked – the Doctors knew that she would stubbornly refuse to accept the copy as an exact replica of the Doctor, and deliberately tricked her. However, what’s even more shocking is that she was fooled in the first place. If there was ever any doubt that the Gangers were even slightly different from their flesh-and-blood counterparts, Amy’s refusal to accept the “Ganger” Doctor (who was actually real) as being the man who the Ganger “Doctor” claimed to be (and arguably, was) obliterated it.

At the end of the episode, we feel sympathy for Amy – she’s been scared and shocked and frightened. However, we also feel that we’ve learned a lesson. Amy’s taught us, through the Ganger Doctor, that these replicas are exactly as human as they believe themselves to be – making the deaths of the episode, and particularly of the Ganger Doctor, all the more sobering.


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